Why Do We Have Sleep Disturbances

Why Do We Have Sleep Disturbances WE don’t need medicated to stay asleep I have Studied many expert doctors and their reasoning about why we think we can’t sleep well throughout the night and why we don’t need medication for

Controlling the Contractor’s disease

Elephant Swing

Why the Modern Cowboy’s Have Heart Failures A robust and healthy young friend died while driving home after a long day of construction work. He just died while driving home home. We all know the story did not begin there

Sunburn and Cancer

Healthy Old Guru

Sunscreen lotions can cause cancer About 60 years ago our government decided sun tanning will kill us. I think they made that decision based on the ‘fact’ that a lot of people had recently moved from the farms to the

Mental Fatigue and physical Fatigue

Many skilled workers have a problem accepting that when they work strenuously at sports they will have difficulty concentrating on their job-tasks.

Essential Nutrients: Micronutrients and Macronutrients

Macronutrients are nutrients the body needs in large amounts for energy. Carbohydrates Proteins Fats Micronutrients are Needed in Small Amounts These are: Water soluble vitamins Fat soluble vitamins  Minerals: Minerals, build bones, teeth, muscles—the list goes on. Water. I don’t

Health Benefits of Green Tea

I recently bought a supply of Saw Palmetto capsules from the legendary Larry King’s supply house. The purpose is to help avoid prostate problems as I get older; I am 85 years old now and have no problems, although I