My Diet Must Contain Many Nutrients and Trace elements

My Diet Must Contain Many Nutrients and Trace elements My Diet Must Contain Minerals Like Gold, Silver, Lead, and Magnesium


Soy Products Are Not a Healthy Food for Men

 A man should look like a man. Soy can cause: Erectile dysfunction. enlarged breasts, lost body hair on the arms, chest and legs. In general, the man’s body may be feminizing.

Eat Zucchinis for Health, Happiness and Longevity

The lowly zucchini will help build and maintain a healthy body and mind. This nutrient-packed health food should not be neglected.

We Need More Nutritious Fats in Our Diet

We eat too many starchy carbohydrates and not enough nutritious fats. This makes us hungry too often. The starches are too quickly digested and they put us into a placid mood. This puts us “down” and the sugars, that are unneeded by our bodies, go into fat storage.  Good fats take longer to digest and help build strong bodies.

Eat Flaxseed oil Every Day for Health and Happiness

This nutrient-packed food cam help reduce risk of dozens of health problems. For just pennies a day you can have this health insurance. Flaxseed oil (also known as Linseed Oil) is available at most super markets—and health stores.

The Doctors are Playing Games with Blood Pressure

The nice nurse measured my blood pressure and then she obediently wrote it down. I always try to stay one step of events in my life. I had previously monitored it with my Electronic Measuring device. She measured 10 points higher. I asked her why. She said “Just be on the safe side.”