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With some tender loving care and tough love, we can proceed into ‘old, old age’ (a newer term) with healthy skin. Our pores are protected by a thin film of Sebum that also helps keep our skin flexible.

Homemade Electrolyte Drink | Sports Drink |Preventing Muscle Fatigue | Lethargy | Weight GainHomemade Electrolyte Drink Help Prevent Muscle Fatigue, Cramps and Lethargy

These electrically charged minerals regulate everything from hydration (the amount of water in your body), to your nervous system to muscle function—including the most important muscle of all: the heart. (Quote: Body Electric.)

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My body and brain need to fast—every night—from supper until breakfast (break-fast).

Kelly-Clarkson-stressful-living-essential-nutrients-Good-fats-Weight-lossKelly Clarkson | stressful living| essential nutrients | Good fats | Weight loss

3. I avoid all foods labeled fat free, low fat and reduced fat. They can be too deceiving and devious; I find the labels too vague for my humble mind.

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Health and happiness are yours to pursue. Live a healthy life and you will be happy

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There are at least 43 muscles in our face. Forget about the face lifts, eye lid surgery and get rid of the hound dog look.