Super Salad #5 For Bodies Of Steel

Super Salad #5 for Bodies Of Steel

Super Salad #5 for Bodies of Steel. For Stamina and Healthy Digestion Eat a Good Salad.

Super Salad #5 contains plenty of immediately available calories that will not add to your waist,
hips, head, face and neck.

Don’t Starve Your Body—and Then Expect to Have Health and Energy

The sauerkraut, capers, and onions will provide natural ingredients your body needs for maintenance and The eggs, black olives and apples will supply sugars and fats to see you through active hours.

Super Salad #5 for Bodies Of Steel


  • Two boiled eggs. Just boiled enough to make them solid.
  • A heaping tablespoon of capers.
  • A small fist of red onions.
  • A handful of celery.
  • A small handful of dried black olives.
  • Half of a large apple—preferably with the skin still on.
  • A hand-full of raw sauerkraut—with its probiotics still intact.
  • Salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar are optional.
  • Use whatever flavorings and seasonings that you like.
  • Add Other Items As They are Available

This hearty salad is a delight—especially during hot weather. It will travel well, especially if the eggs are left in the shells. (Not really necessary).

Carry things, like a can of good tuna fish, Kosher hot dogs and a little whiskey (I didn’t say that) separately. Experiment and have fun. Don’t let food be a harsh enemy. Food is Your Friend. Trust and Respect What You find.

Turn this wimpy little salad into a powerful meal by adding bacon, ham, red meat, fish … use your imagination.

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