Raw Green Vegetables Are High Energy Food

Raw Green Vegetables Are High Energy Food

Raw Green Vegetables are High Energy Food

Raw green vegetables will provide a boundless energy supply.

They will help build a body of steel that lasts into old age. I know this because I am 80 years old and have no aches, no medications and I still enjoy things like trail running.

Raw Green Vegetables Have Vitamins & Minerals

We need the vitamins and minerals in raw green vegetables.

Whatever our lifestyle, job, physical condition or age, we all need the vitamins and minerals that come from nature.

Additionally, these powerful green vegetables are loaded with nutrients and trace elements the active or sedentary body, needs. Furthermore, raw greens will help build muscle and not add unwanted weight. There is no need to try to count calories.

This kind of eating may take some getting used to.

I didn’t find this food to be a sweet and delicious at first. But as my sense of taste improved I found it to be delicious and flavorful. Anyone can add their own special vegetables to this blend.

A long time ago, I became tired of all that chewing and found some help. Now I run them through the vegetable chopping machine (blender or food chopper.) Also, I don’t process them into a slurry-like liquid or into a smoothie, because I like to chew them enough to slow the progress. This promotes the natural digestive enzymes that need to be added before they enter my stomach. Eat them spoonful by spoonful and chew well before swallowing.

Raw Green Vegetable Recipe



Wash the vegetables in vinegar and water to help remove the chemicals, possibly added to prevent spoilage on their long journey to your table.


Cut them into whatever size will fit into your vegetable processor. Process them into whatever size you like. Also, add some tap water if they are to dry.

Any drastic change in diet needs approached carefully. Start this eating change gently. As a young man I helped farmers maintain farm animals. The cows ate dry hay all winter; in the spring we had to let them have a little bit of green grass each day until their digestive track  relearned how to digest the green grass.

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