About Jerry

The Healthy Old Guru

The healthy old guru

Jerry Kyle was born during the great depression and humble surroundings in 1935.

From 1940 at his daddy’s knee, he learned the basics of healthy living and a good diet. Cod liver oil for healthy bones & horseradish as a blood cleanser. Jerry’s father taught him that his health is in his own hands.

Jerry joined the Marine Core in 1955 came out a wiser & humbler man in 1959.

He married the love of his life in 1960 who gave him 2 wonderful children. Over 55 years married and are still happily married!

From 1960 on Jerry has committed himself to many colleges and educational programs.

Today Jerry is on the backside of 80 with no aches, pains, or handicap stickers. Jerry takes no medications and runs 5 miles without hard breathing and enjoys his unicycle.

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