Super Salad #4 For Bodies Of Steel

Super Salad #4 For Bodies Of Steel

Super Salad #4 Will Build Bodies of Steel and Provide Energy.

If you are working at logging a forest, building a highway, teaching school, or just need high
energy food that contains energy as well as some of the several hundred trace elements the
body and brain need.

This Be My Salad

Minerals are also important for making enzymes and hormones. We can get our trace elements that include iron—and even gold. We can get these trace elements and other essential nutrients from our food. There is too many to try to obtain from supplements. Our bodies will even make some from other compounds. Our brains and brains obtain gold from our food and water; this is one reason I don’t approve of distilled water—it is completely void of the nature’s trace elements

Super Salad #4 Has Many Basic Nutrients

Super Salad #4 has meat, cheese and eggs for extra protein to fuel a body for a long, hard day—or night. Winter or summer, we need fuel that includes protein and fats—plant as well as animal fat.

Super Salad #4 For Bodies Of Steel


  1. Homemade red cabbage sauerkraut. Contains a wonderful supply of probiotics.
  2. Raw almonds. Much fiber and protein.
  3. Hard boiled eggs
  4. Steamed broccoli. A powerhouse of nutrients.
  5. Sheep cheese
  6. Raw celery
  7. Raw red onions
  8. One big meatball
  9. A tablespoon of Capers: these little devils contain many nutrients.
  10. Salt and pepper to taste, or just plain iodized table salt.
  11. Two tablespoons of homemade fire cider.
  12. Balsamic vinegar—or any good vinegar

Enjoy Each Part of This Salad as a Unique Taste Sensation

It is good to keep these foods all separate, that way we can taste each. I like to sprinkle olive
oil, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and whatever else I find, on each little item. That way they
don’t fight my taste buds.

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