Poems of Health

Are you looking for a little inspiration to your healthy lifestyle? Try reading some poems of health. Thinking healthy is one of the first steps to creating a healthy lifestyle!

Lucent Dreams Flash Across Our Sleepy MindsLucent Dreams Flash Across Our Sleepy Minds

Lucent dreams flash across our minds as we prepare to sleep. These dreams, or surreal bits of memory-like flashes of our real, life carry messages that we should pay attention to. They may be the important to our survival. The

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Proud Sock

Proud Sock My wife darned a sock That I wore as a mail man On long hot days in 104 degree heat With blisters on my feet Some treasures are measured with dollars Some defy such simple constructs What is

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Berries For HealthBerries For Health

Juicy berries are usually bright colors. Furthermore, they do not have a pit in them. Also, berries come in different sizes and colors. Berries are an essential part of the diet for health and wellness. It doesn’t take a lot

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Feet and ShoesFeet And Shoes

Feet and Shoes. Upon you I stand. I run, walk or die. Athlete’s foot. Ingrown toenails. Blisters. Fungus among us.


Allergies can wreak havoc at any time of the year. This is just a fun little way of talking about many causes of common allergies that are suffered today. Not just by me and those I know, but by a multitude of other characters too.

The Ocean Called MeThe Ocean Called Me

The ocean is peaceful or it can be strong and violent. It reaches out to many people who enjoy visiting. This is a fun little poem I wrote about the way I feel about the sea. The Ocean Called Me

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