Why do old folks mumble?

Why do old people mumble? Why Do I Mumble More as I Head Toward My 100th birthday? How to fix my old-folks-mumble? The Old Folks Mumble can be attributed to a combination of factors, especially a loss of muscle tone

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Healthy Old GuruJumping Rope for Agility, Balance and Strong Legs

Running should be Gentle on your entire body—all the way from your big toe to the Atlas where your skull is balanced. One of the many benefits of spending time jumping rope is we can improve our running skill. By

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Be nice to yourself.WE Have Three Periods of Growth and Development in Life

The first Triad of life, from birth until 35 years is developmental.
These triads of life fall into 7year segments of development.

Homemade Electrolyte Drink | Sports Drink |Preventing Muscle Fatigue | Lethargy | Weight GainHomemade Electrolyte Drink Help Prevent Muscle Fatigue, Cramps and Lethargy

These electrically charged minerals regulate everything from hydration (the amount of water in your body), to your nervous system to muscle function—including the most important muscle of all: the heart. (Quote: Body Electric.)

Clint Eastwood-Beautiful Faces-Healthy Bodies-LongevityClint Eastwood-Beautiful Faces-Healthy Bodies-Longevity

There are at least 43 muscles in our face. Forget about the face lifts, eye lid surgery and get rid of the hound dog look.

Parasitic-TensionParasitic Tension Taxis Your Strength and Reduces Your Abilities

Parasitic tension taxis your strength and reduces your abilities in everyday life. To have Bodies of Steel, We Must Have Minds of Steel. There are two kinds of parasitic tension, avoid both. The First Parasitic Tension is Muscle Fatigue One

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