Face Muscle Exercises

Face Muscle Exercises

Get rid of that baby face.

You can have the face you want.

Five minutes of daily exercises can reshape your face. Your face need more attention than you normally give it. My mommy told me that singers and actors have a well contoured with slender cheeks and jaws because they work them with their singing. Your face and head have many muscles; they need some serious serious daily attention to make you look handsome.

If you don’t like your face, change it now.

Pretend you are a hungry savage and do one minute of Wild Man Chewing. Open your mouth and chew like a savage. Grunt , groan and show the world a mean, ugly brute of a man who is not afraid to bight the head off a rattle snake. Be careful that you don’t bite your own tongue: Don’t be bashful about your appearance. Look good to the world.

  1. Kiss a frog. Pucker you lips and shove them out as if you are trying to kiss an ugly toad. Pull them back in and smile. Do this 50 times. Get happy about doing this exercise. This world loves beautiful people.
  2. Throw your head all the way back and stick out your tongue—way, way out. Have fun with this, but don’t do it in church, or in polite company. Fifty times to start. Your tongue is a muscle and needs exercised every day, especially since we are eating more soft food and not chewing on old animal carcasses.

Take a picture before and after. Within six months you will see a big improvement in your looks.

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