Essential Nutrients for healthy bodies

Be nice to yourself.

Plain Groundwater Should Supply Many Basic Minerals Plain water from wells and springs can be a blessing to our bodies. Groundwater can supply us with a variety of Minerals and other nutrients. The Contribution of Drinking Water to Mineral Nutrition

Why I should constantly tweak my diet

Healthy living with essential nutrients builds strong bodies

Finding The Right Food For Me In my quest for health and happiness For over ¾ of a century I have studied an array of nutrient experts, and their advice on what, when, why and how to eat). As a

Everyone Who Wears Eye glasses should Have computer Glasses?

Computer eyestrain can be avoided

Why We Need Computer Glasses I  see many people with their heads craned forward as they  work to accomplish their daily task at the computer. Our heads want to be balanced gently on the Atlas joint. A bunch of head


Seven Year Cycles of Our Lives This writing is based on the writings of Rudolf Steiner We Progress From Birth Until Death in Seven Year cycles An hundred years ago, the distinguished German,Rudolf Steiner, developed a hypothesis explaining the 7-year

Basic Diet and Gentle Exercise for Healthy Joints

This program is aimed at average people in the second triad of life (about 35 years of age to 70); These are the hardworking men and women who make this world function. I’m talking about People who serve the world

Healthy old Guru’s exercises for healthy joints

Introduction to Natural Exercises For Healthy Joints Gentle Exercises can prevent joint deterioration We can Prevent Arthritis and Rheumatism. Our sedate jobs can cause arthritis. Exercises (gentle physical movement) can prevent joint problems. A healthy diet with essential nutrients can

Ligaments of steel for health and happiness

We need strong ligaments to support our joints How can I strengthen my ligaments You have more than 900 ligaments throughout your body. Most are located in your arms and legs. Cleveland clinic. Ligaments are bands of tissue that help

We need Salt for to Maintain Our Health

Electrolytes for Everyday Health and Good Nutrition I believe salt is important to my health. A year ago I had dizzy spells, especially when getting out of bed or standing from sitting. Fortunately, I obtained a book by Dr. James

Can Marathon Runners Have Bladder Control Problems 

we need salt for life.

Have a good chiropractor examine you for this problem. Muscle Control is Not The Same as Muscle Weakness I’m no longer a distance runner but looking back I remember looking for the nearest tree along the route. What took years