Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to be healthy and happy you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

My sense of smell

My olfactory sings silent songs to my brain Your first and last breath of life comes past me; and I never forget. I sit silently above your mouth at the base of your ancient brain, known as your serpent brain,

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Get rid Of That ‘Clean’ Bottled Water

Create your own “dirty” water. Mankind thrived for millions of years by drinking from mud puddles and whatever drinking hole that was available; they just scrapped away the debris and drank what they could find. Jesus didn’t have distilled water.

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Gentle Exercises for Healthy joints and Musclesy

Gentle Exercise for Healthy Joints You can have a body of steel, with strong pain free joints, and a good range of motion. Be gentle with yourself. This program is aimed at average people like you, in the second triad

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old People Don’t Need Much Food

My lifestyle, will dictate what is right for me.

Knee Bends and Squats

I forget to bend my knees when I reach for something I have long noticed that mature people tend to bend from their waist instead of instead of bending their knees. I must move my joints to lubricate them. If

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Seven year cycles of life – Rudolf Steiner

The first cycle is from birth to seven years when the child is at one with the mother. The first cycle, birth to ages 7: Gradually the child comes to know itself a separate from its mother and the child

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