Get rid of that baby face.

Five minutes of daily exercises can reshape your face.

Why I Drink a Cup of Green Tea Each Day

Green tea is fermented and has many trace elements my body and brain want: It protects against cognitive decline and memory decline and bone loss,and improves longevity; may enhance memory, may lower stroke risk, and helps lower cholesterol. Silent moments

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Gentle Exercises for Healthy joints and Musclesy

Gentle Exercise for Healthy Joints You can have a body of steel, with strong pain free joints, and a good range of motion. Be gentle with yourself. This program is aimed at average people like you, in the second triad

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Knee Bends and Squats

I have long noticed that when mature people tend to bend from their waist instead of instead of bending their knees

We have early morning people and later morning people.

Some people are as grouchy as an old bear until about 10 am and won’t learn much if we are in school too early. I think this Circadian Rhythm does not change from birth until death. I’m an early riser,

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The many Health Benefits of drinking Green Tea

How to keep a healthy prostate gland I have learned now to drink a cup or two of green tea each day to add  certain trace elements to my diet, and to help keep me healthy as I get older;

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