Probiotics for health and happiness

probiotics for health and happiness

Probiotics for health and happiness


Our gut bacteria digest our food.

We have about 100 trillion bacteria in our gut.

Two thousand years ago Hippocrates said that all diseases begin in the gut.

Today the preservatives and other chemicals, in our food and medicine kill these friends as well as our enemies.

Eat fermented food every day.

My goal here is to encourage healthy eating by protecting your gut microbiome by adding fermented food to your daily diet. We cannot rely on someone else to keep us healthy—no one else can ever know our needs because we are such a diverse group of biological beings.


Our fresh foods have been preserved

If we want peaches, apples and strawberries in January we need to remember that they have been from prevented from spoiling on their thousand-mile-journey. This extended-shelf-life is accomplished by the destruction of their natural bacteria. Various methods like irradiation, sulfides, and other preservatives (bacteria killers) are used—thus removing the little guys that we need to help digest our food and to stave-off the enemies of our bodies.


Some studies say it takes 14-to-18 generations for our bodies to adjust to new and different foods—that is some 300 years. We have gone through many changes in the last half-century and we can’t expect our gut microbiological domain to understand—they need our help.  A healthy diet is all they ask.

We can’t always protect our gut bacteria from their enemies in our food—or in our medicine—but we can provide more of the ones that we can rely on to keep us healthy.

Fermented vegetables, fruit and kimchi

Raw sauerkraut and fermented vegetables like kimchi, and yogurt, are great examples of resupplying these vital friends. Raw sauerkraut and kimchi have several hundred types of probiotics (friendly gut bacteria.) If this food has been processed, canned, bottled, baked, or preserved—it probable has none. Better to make your own at home.


Make your own fermented vegetables.

Natural sauerkraut and fermented vegetables can be made at home with very little work or problems. It costs very little and is delicious. My website will tell you how,


A new day is dawning—slowly.

New studies at major universities, like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts Children’s Hospital, Harvard medical School, show that many diseases like IBS and C. difficile can be treated by injecting poop from a healthy person.

Medical science is now looking at what we can do to help these little guys grow and prosper.

Importing bacteria from a healthy person:

This “Fecal matter” can be shoved up the butt, swallowed as a pill or injected through a tube into the stomach. This is about %90 effective, with no side effects—WOW!


Eat your own probiotics.

After reading this article, I think that you would rather eat healthy probiotics than receive another person’s ready-made gut-bacteria.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 12, 2014, “Frozen fecal ‘pill’ shows promise against bacteria.”

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