Brain Power, Bandwidth and Intelligence


One of the tragic problems impacting today’s children is the overload of information which exhaust their “Brain Power“. The bandwidth of the brain is similar to that of the computer. When the bandwidth is taken up with irrelevant information no more bandwidth is available (Scarcity,by Mullainathan and Shafir.)  This is why I (mostly) quit reading the Newspapers and why I don’t spend time with Spectator Sports.

You can only put so many marbles in a bucket–and a limited amount of information in a skull. This is why some brilliant children “like Albert Einstein, who was considered to be stupid, actually was smart. But he said of himself, “I am not all that smart, I just work harder.” We just need to do the best we can with what we have.

Spectator Sports and Its Impact on America

We are spending too much time and energy watching other people participate in life. I think we need to tune out the “TV news” and get on with our own life. They search the world over to find grizzly events to entertain us–we don’t need that. These kinds of thing deplete our brain power.

Most Americans Will Die Within the Next 80 Years

Our life expectancy is about 80-years–that might be a conservative number. I ran the numbers (I might be wrong.) It looks like 300 million people will die in that time period of time. That is about 6.6 million each year who will die. Now we take 6.6 million and divide by 365 days: We now have about 20,000 people checking out each day in United States of America.

The Whole World Population is Dyeing

We Don’t Need to Have each bizarre event thrown into our face each day–and call it a “News Event.” The rest of the world is losing about 500,000 people each day. Better we use our time to work on our problems instead of showing our children each gory problem of the world as they eat their breakfast–or stand in line for whatever their immediate needs might be.


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