Hungry Beast Breakfast

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A Hungry Beast Breakfast builds a great start to the day for energy and strength.


Hungry Beast Breakfast

A hard working person needs bulk food that, as my Daddy said, “It sticks to your ribs and you’re not hungry right away.” He pounded road-bed stone with a sledge hammer during the Great Depression—got paid $5.00 for a 10 hour day, after he broke stone 8 feet wide and 35 feet long—hard day’s work.


  • One half pound of ground beef and onions
  • Handful of roasted carrots
  • Add a small bunch of roasted mushrooms
  • Include a handful of roasted sweet potatoes
  • Toss on a handful of roasted garlic
  • Grab a handful of roasted onions

If we want healthy food in today’s busy world we simply must prepare it ahead of time. These are all prepared ahead and doled out when a person is hungry. Too many things to do at one meal—it would take hours. I prepare these and keep them for a week or 10 days—sometimes longer if they still look and smell good. When I am hungry I lay them carefully into a skillet. If I do right they stay separated and don’t intermix or fight. A decent amount of olive oil or coconut oil keeps them from sticking and flavors the critters.

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