Raw Greens Health And Beauty

Raw Greens Health And Beauty

Raw greens health veggies are important both for health and beauty. Also, adding raw greens health veggies to your diet to provide many vitamins, minerals and trace elements that you need every day.

Raw Greens Health And Beauty

Eat the basic greens

Nothing exotic here

Spice it up as you like

Fear not the hot peppers

And other delights

Like horseradish and garlic


Shred them into small pieces

A vegetable chopper does fine

Or by hand with a friendly knife

Mix and match

But keep it green basically green


Makes a nice bed for hot food

On the plate before dinner

Or sprinkled on top

In whatever manner


Place it on bread in a sandwich

Ham, bacon or lunch meat

Has been known to slip in

As Ben Franklin would say

Unbeknownst to me


Or eat as a salad all by itself


I prefer to keep out the starches

And the processed stuff

Like my daddy did

But that is my prerogative


Any vegetable will do here

Cabbage, green beans, broccoli

Celery, onions, garlic, kale, spinach

Let your imagination run wild

You are nature’s child


Keep out what you don’t like

Put in what you do




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