Super Salad #3 For Bodies Of Steel

Super Salad #3

Super Salad #3 is for Bodies of Steel.This nourishing super salad provides plenty of vitamins, minerals and protein to boost your energy and health.

Super Salad #3

Making Salad Should Be Fun

Powerful Salads Builds Powerful Bodies

A good salad will power your body for hours—and not build fat; especially around your waist,
hips, head, neck and face. A good salad should be delicious and it should pretty. A good salad
should not be the wimpy starvation, characterless critter that the dieters push on the unwary

Powerful Ingredients For Bodies Of Steel

I include eggs for protein, good “real cheese” for fat, and the South American Chimichurri,
which is a powerful taste sensation—although it is a mean-green looking rascal. It packs lots of
nutrients that we need in our bodies. But that is a subject for another day: If you don’t find it,
just chop up some garlic, cilantro, parsley and olive oil. Or just ignore that taste sensation.

Super Salad #3

Salad Should Be Colorful & Pleasant

Super Salad #3 Ingredients:

  • Tomatoes.
  • Raw sauerkraut—not that which has been killed.
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Steamed broccoli.
  • Raw onions.
  • Fresh raw okra.
  • Crisp raw celery.
  • Dried sun ripened olives in olive oil. Not the anemic green ones that pack very little food value.
  • Good cheese—in this case Goat Cheese.

A Healthy Meal Or Snack For On The Road

This salad travels well if the eggs are kept out and not cut up and shelled beforehand. Take it along with you wherever you go for a quick handy snack.

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