Gout is a condition that attacks without bias or mind. This inflammation causes great pain to the hurt person.


Painful Joints With Uric Acid


My friend is a powerful man
As a youngster he pumped iron
Broke boards with his head
And fought, long ago, in Vietnam

He ate to his delight of tasty food
The all-around American diet he consumed
What he ate would put a hog to shame
But for his gout, it was not to blame

But the next morning his ankles were swollen
Hands and wrists would not bend
And walking was a hurtful pain
But his food was not to blame

I said; Looks like scurvy to me, you see
Looks like the old sailor’s disease, beriberi
Lack of vitamins D and C and green vegetables
Too many months at sea

The good doctor said; Oh, dear
I don’t know what causes this
It must be in your genes
Or, her-red-it-tee is amiss

Might be the result of processed meats
Or colorings flavorings and preservatives
And the delightful treats you eat
That makes your food so neat

Uric acid crystals I’m thinking
No one knows why they come and go
It could be in your food
But you say your diet is healthy

Take this medicine—is good stuff
If it doesn’t work, come back soon
I’ll give you more if it’s not enough
And bring along your check book, my dear

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