Automation has come a long way. Be it good or bad it progresses ever forward. As a matter of fact, it has the possibility to help you or interfere. Educate your brain to keeping your value above automation.



Basic labor is being replaced by automation

Also, Menial tasks are done with robots

Much production is accomplished without fatigue

Also, it keeps the price low


Automation can be a friend or a foe

It can take away your job or give you a better one

Put you out on the street

Where you will wander alone


In today’s job market you must have skills

Before you have value to an employer

Furthermore, they need to be skills that someone will pay you to use

An asset of value must be your stock in trade


Education is cheap but the trail is long

Don’t wait for someone to bring the beginning

Go yourself and look

Also, seek out those who have progressed


The computer becomes used to play games

And the biggest game is your life

Also, as a teaching machine

It comes alive


They filled the library with books

And audio and video

As a matter of fact, all is free to you

And full of learning


Start investing in yourself

The more that you progress

The more doors open to you

Don’t be an observer in life

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