The debate goes on about the constitution all the time. We hear it a great deal. Furthermore, it even spews angrily from some politicians sworn to uphold it. As a matter of fact, our forefathers created it to protect the people from the politicians. It gives power to the people.


Constitution – Law of the Land

Our Constitution is not a living document
It is our protection from our government
As a matter of fact, it is hated by some of those politicians
Who we have elected to protect it

They would force their opinions down our throats
Those who swore under oath
Additionally, some of our government has taken the position
That our constitution is their enemy

But it is only the means of the people
To protect themselves from their government
Make it an enemy …
And you make us your enemy

We the people can appeal their bureaucratic laws
All the way to our supreme court
And if we don’t like their rulings
We can throw them all out …

Even the Supreme Court Justices

That document guarantees us
The right to peaceful assembly
Also, to protest that which we don’t like
As we did to end the Vietnam war …

Millions of us descended on Washington

That precious document can be amended
But only by the people of this country
Not by the government—or the courts
Not by the courts of this country
Also, not by the courts of any other country

That precious document is the law of the land
Also, it represents the power of the people
Over their government

If they forget this
They do so
At their own peril

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