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Food should be our friend—not our enemy.
Two thousand years ago Socrates and Plato said “Let your food be your medicine.” Over the past sixty years, our food industry and our nutrition information people have thrown common sense out the window.
They have persuaded us to eat food that has sapped our strength and added more weight than we want. We now have delicious chemically enhanced food is affecting our health.
We don’t know what to believe and we are told to take medications.
I think that we should take responsibility for own health. We can do this by eating nutrient dense food—this is a no brainer. We should not try to starve ourselves into submission by strict diets. It is no fun going through life constantly hungry.
A healthy diet is not a difficult. In this section we will discuss the basics of healthy eating. While others are riding the roller coaster of fad diets and quick fixes, you can be on your own lifelong healthy living program. This is my promise.

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