Raw Foods And Whole Foods

Raw Foods and Whole Foods

We need to base our main diet off of raw foods and whole foods. This improves our health and longevity. As well as, it provides energy and strength to live a more fulfilling life.

Raw Foods And Whole Foods

Food manifesto: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

In our never-ending quest for health we need to keep our diet uncomplicated—just the facts Mam.

There is nothing complicated about eating basic food. The complications set in when we try to find these “Whole Foods” and make them available for our eating pleasure. That is the purpose of this writing.

We will need to be content with doing what we can, when we can, where ever we happen to be. As a healthy old goat, I really don’t chew on old tin cans. However, some folks think that my food looks about that appetizing.

Important Starting Point

The important starting point is to smack your taste buds with the taste sensation that you have on mind. Whether it be raw cabbage, a green pepper, an apple or spinach. You may spit the stuff out if it overpowers you. Enough will have penetrated your brain that it will have registered. Also, the next time you try it Mr. Brain will not be as surprised. Then, after a few more times, it might taste good. That is the way I learned to like whiskey.

This noble experiment of tasting simply must be done at the beginning of the meal. This must happen before sneaky things like coffee, tea or a soft drink seduces and overpowers the innocent taste buds. The wine tasters will cleanse their palates with clever methods between wines. The gourmet chefs act carefully with how they construct the meal so that the diner is not confused with the wrong taste sensations.  We each must do all this ourselves.

Try Celery For A Good Cleanser

If you are discrete, you may carry a little packet of celery sticks to the table and eat one to cleanse your palate. This can be done just before you try some raw foods that you want to develop a taste for. It will erase the taste of the highly doctored food taste of the chef’s delight. You can now try the humble unprocessed raw foods that you want to try to develop a taste for.

The road is long and health is near. It smiles upon you when you search and enjoy the trip. When you stumble remember that it is nice going through life without heartburn or an upset stomach.

The future is unborn. The past is dead and gone and holds no claim on us. There is only now. And we are masters of the moment. Prince Valiant

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