Women’s Issues

Women's Issues

There are different women’s issues that are faced today. These are my opinions on the matter. Some people may agree or disagree with my thoughts and that’s just fine. We don’t have to agree on everything. Each of us holds to our own understanding of things.

Women’s Issues

Irrefutable Truths about Domestic Violence: This thesis contains controversial thoughts.

Domestic violence can be greatly reduced if either party acts rationally. The woman being the one at the greatest risk and having the most to lose—even her life—by necessity needs to avoid the problem.

Should the woman be subservient to the man: no they are equal partners?

A woman must assume responsibility for her own immediate physical safety, instead of calling the cops after the fact—or going to the hospital…or the morgue. Prevention and avoidance are crucial factors in the prevention of any crime.

A woman must be aware of what ability she has to control, alter, or redirect conflict before it becomes domestic violence.

In modern America’s world of extended personal freedom, even a child needs taught survival techniques.This remains true for dealing with women’s issues.

Stay Out Of Dangerous Situations

A woman must stay out of dangerous situations, especially with an emotionally charged bigger man. Men and women are known to think with something other than their head. When people lose their cool, they commit acts of violence even against their loved ones—and that’s a fact.

With women’s issues, the first and foremost concerns must be to teach the lady how to avoid the situation; and the next is to teach her how to manage whatever situation that she finds herself in—while she is planning her escape.

Women must be taught that they are not innocent victims, and they must be taught how to extract themselves from dangerous or unpleasant situations.

If a woman finds herself in an abusive relationship she should get outside help before physical altercation happens. Love and dependence, quite often because children are involved, can lead her to tolerate deplorable conditions. She needs to know what help is available and where to find it. She and the children can be at risk—even though she loves him.

Examine Her Thinking

We need to bring to the fore-front of reality what is involved in the process of the girl’s thinking, as we try to teach her to be alert to dangerous situations.

Romance, being one of life’s greatest pleasures, can be hell-on-earth.

A woman still has the primitive software package that pushes her toward more rugged, aggressive men; although this conflicts with modern reality. Sex still carries a heavy emotional load, and a dangerous one, especially when an aggressive man is involved.

There probably is no way to alter the lady’s concept of romance. The survival instincts are not going to evaporate or change overnight; they have served the animal world and mankind well.

The young girl’s software program helps direct her concept of finding the best mate to father their children. This program operates on an eternal adolescent foundation and it never grows into adulthood.

Seeking The Dominant Man

Throughout eons of time the need was for a dominant man to father her children. Now she wants a partner who understands her emotional needs; but the old software package is still there—and still in operation.

If she follows her instincts she may become a victim of male domination; and she also may set the stage for confrontation. She and her mate can both be controlled by primitive urges which neither understand. This is of course not good.

Importance Of Smell

Personality conflicts can best be avoided by becoming more familiar with the man before committing to an emotional involvement; being certain that she and he are compatible. Even to the extent of putting his dirty socks and underwear under her pillow, to see if she likes his smell without perfume. Smell is still one of the greatest attraction-repulsion factors. The man and woman need to get to know what each other smell like, without perfume, before committing to a serious relationship. The olfactory bulb is located above the mouth and at the underside of the brain. It is hardwired in a triangle; to the testicles (ovaries in a woman) and sweat glands. Smell is a powerful emotion.

When a woman notices that the conversation is turning sour or moving out of her comfort zone, she needs to back up a step and ask herself how she can calm the fires of passion, and she must remind herself that she may be lurching toward a mean situation. Too often she loses her cool and goads the man into aggressiveness. She must learn when to shut her mouth and not exacerbate a dangerous situation. This is especially true because she is probably in a secluded or private (and dangerous) setting.

Review The Past

A woman must look at her potential bed partner’s past and be prepared for the same happenings in the future. Quite often a woman thinks that she can change a man after they are together—this is a serious mistake. What you see is what you get.

She must understand that she too brings inherited baggage to the relationship. Lust and emotion are powerful traits and they carry-the-day in a romantic relationship.

A woman must remember that she brings more to the table than just quick sex. It takes more than sex to keep a happy relationship and raise a family.

Women’s Issues & Understanding Control

You are the captain of your ship. You can never abrogate that responsibility.

By time a girl is three or four years old she knows that what control she has over men.

She must never assume the role of a helpless victim.

We cannot control the arena until we change the thinking of the lady. She must be taught that she is part of the problem—the woman needs to understand that she is not an innocent victim of male domination, but she helps set the stage and conducts the program.

Should the victim be held responsible for her predicament? Yes. Only by understanding their role in the situation  can they conquer their women’s issues.

Good Reads:

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