WE Have Three Periods of Growth and Development in Life

Be nice to yourself.

 We have “three triads of life” here in this world:

  • Birth to 35 years are our formative years.
  • 35 to 70 years are our mature living years.
  • 70 to 105 years are when we work to pay back into the world.

The first Triad of life, from birth until 35 years is developmental.

These triads of life fall into 7year segments of development.

  1. At  seven years, we are ready for societal interchanges. We recognize that other people are as real as we are.
  2. At 14years, we go into puberty and grow pubic hair. The bible says at 12 years we are responsible for our own sins.
  3. At 21 years, we are physically grown and that is when our forefathers decided we were mature enough to vote.
  4. At 28 years, we are ready to grow the two frontal brain lobes. We will be able to comprehend life and our own death. We are now in full bloom and we are in command and we are ready and able to take on the world.
  5. At 35 years, we begin to notice that our bodies need some attention, and we need to prepare for our future. 

The second Triad of Life; From 35 years to 70 years,

These are our awakening years. We are in charge, and are able to take on life.

You and I must now carve out some time each day for the care and maintenance of our bodies. 

This is the moment when we should become a little bit Narcissistic. A long time ago Narcissus looked at his reflection in the mud puddle and fell into love. He said “Wow”, “What a man!” More on Narcissus later, now we are talking about you and me.

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