Why do old folks mumble?

Why do old people mumble?

Why Do I Mumble More as I Head Toward My 100th birthday?

How to fix my old-folks-mumble?

The Old Folks Mumble can be attributed to a combination of factors, especially a loss of muscle tone and loss of muscle control, in the face and throat.

As we get older we have the luxury of spending more time by ourselves, while the young folks are preoccupied. We Might let our voice and speech muscles atrophy because we don’t exercise them enough.

All speech is singing

All speech should be considered to be the same as singing–We shouldn’t be bashful about using some theatrics. People want to hear us when we talk. We need to sloSingers practice some sort of a facial and voice relaxing exercise before attempting to sing.

Facial exercises can be helpful in preventing or reducing the problems of lax speaking-muscles. We can practice speaking in “Three-word-phrases.” to avoid mixing and slurring our words.

Here are some exercises that you can try:

Wild Man Chewing exercise.

Wild man chewing is one of my favorite exercises that can help us move our mouth and jaw muscles.Just pretend you are a hungry wild man and you haven’t eaten in a few days’ do this gently for the first few days. (Don’t miss any meals, you are only pretending.). Open your mouth and chew as if you are really hungry and some other critter might take the food. Let your tongue lash around and open your mouth wide. Be careful that you don’t bite your tongue. Make a hungry sound as you pretend to gulp down your food. Make this a fun game that can be done at any time you aren’t embarrassed to do it.

Here is another fun exercise

How to kiss a frog:
Kiss a frog.

Pucker up and push your lips out as if to kiss a nasty frog. Now pull your tainted lips back in and smile from ear to ear. People love to see this exercise being practiced! It adds a little fun to our world.

Rubber lips. Pull your lips gently together and blow out air to make your lips reverberate.We all enjoyed doing this as a child.

Lip press: Press your lips together firmly, and then release them. Repeat this movement for several repetitions. Make your jaw muscles work hard.

Jaw drops: Open your mouth as wide as possible as you stick out your tongue.and then close your mouth slowly. Repeat this movement for several repetitions.

Cheek puff: Puff out your cheeks as much as possible, and then relax. Repeat this movement for several repetitions.

Smile stretch: Smile as wide as possible, and then relax. Repeat this movement for several repetitions.

Neck stretch: Tilt your head back “gently”–gently as far as possible, and then bring it back to a neutral position. Repeat this movement for several repetitions.

I also like to include the Happy Hog Grunt in my exercise routine. Remember when you were a child and were told not to make the piggish noises when you sucked mucus out of your throat and made noises like a little piggy?

  • These exercises can be performed daily and should be done in front of a mirror to help you have fun with these tongue twisters.
  • Practice with these tongue twisters to improve articulation and strengthen tongue muscles. Some examples include “Sally sells seashells by the seashore” and “Unique New York.” Have fun with this program.
  • These movements have been designed to have certain parts in the wrong place to make the sound we want to make so we can have fun with them as we struggle to make the right sounds at the right time.
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