Jumping Rope for Agility, Balance and Strong Legs

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Running should be Gentle on your entire body—all the way from your big toe to the Atlas where your skull is balanced. One of the many benefits of spending time jumping rope is we can improve our running skill. By spending some time jumping rope we can improve the fun of running. As we go tiptoeing through the tulips, we will enhance our enjoyment. Running will be more carefree if we just forget about where our feet are landing

Benefits of Rope Jumping for Runners

Many injuries can be prevented By Jumping Rope

  • Runners Should Be Light on Their Feet.
  • Runners Need to Maintain a Good Sense of Balance.
  • Runners Must Protect Their Knees and Feet.
  • Runners Should Not Be Stomping Through the Hay Field.
  • Running should be Gentle and Fun.

Runners Should Be Light on Their Feet

Running is more fun if we can run care-free—as we talk, sing or avoid dogs. When we run in the rain, snow, ice and traffic, we are constantly avoiding potholes and other hazards. Ultra-marathon runners run all night and they really must have a good sense of balance. Jumping rope can really help us.

Running should be Gentle and Fun.

Runners Must Protect Their Knees and Feet. We should not be be-bopping along like a yoyo or a puppet. Every step is a forward fall—the next landing catches us as we propel ourselves gently along. If we tried to stop too quickly—like tripping—we would fall on our faces. One thought is to pretend that we are suspended on a string from a star. Run gently and run far.

Jumping Rope Will Help Us Stay Loose and Limber

Runners Should Not Run Like Stomping Through the Hay Field.
Jumping rope can give us a feeling of control over where we land. We can change pace or direction at a moment’s notice.  Where our feet land is important. This is crucial during inclement weather when one misstep can spell disaster. 

Jump Ropes are A Good Investment.

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