build a strong and healthy neckBuilding a Strong and Healthy Neck

I decided that if my neck was going to do the job that needed done I must make it strong and healthy. I embarked on a “Strengthen and Train the Neck Program.” My neck and I have never regretted the effort that we put into the project.

Vertigo Prevention ExercisesVertigo Prevention Exercises

The Cleveland Clinic has a nice program to visit. How successful is vestibular rehabilitation therapy? Many times vestibular rehabilitation therapy will be the only treatment needed. Other times, it is a part of the presurgery/postsurgery treatment plan.

Strong Core Muscles Will Build A Strong BackStrong Core Muscles Will Build A Strong Back

Strong Core Muscles will build a Strong Back. You Need Core Muscles of Steel if you want to have a Strong Back You can regain power, agility and many of the long-forgotten pleasures of life —if you build abs of

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Ankles and knees of steelAnkles And Knees Of Steel

We need to pay attention to nutrition and the rest of our lifestyle too, but first we will explore ankle strengthening. Ankles and knees of Steel

Dry eye Problems and ExercisesDry eye Problems and Exercises

What we refer to as “Dry EYES” and think of as our tear glands not working properly is really disuse “atrophy.”
This is a problem begins with our modern workload.

Abs Of SteelAbs of Steel

If you want to see abs-of-steel— just look at an ultra-runner or sprinter—or a bicyclist