Eating for Health and Happiness

Eating for Health and Happiness

I believe in Eating for Health and Happiness. It’s not something that you do, it is however a way of life. It is a great life and becomes more interesting when you think about what you are taking into your body. The things you eat can make you happy or sad.

Improving My Daily Food Intake

Healthy living begins with healthy eating; this has worked well for me.

Many years ago I decided on the following:

Eating for Health and Happiness

Healthy eating will help keep you healthy

  • Eating for Health and Happiness
  • I will take full responsibility for my health by eating a healthy diet.
  • Each day should see a little improvement in my food intake.
  • This can be as simple as adding a little bit of raw green stuff to each meal.
  • There is no law that says breakfast should be starches and sweets.
  • Snacks should not be limited to pastries and other comfort foods.
  • I will eat the foods that will let me eat as much as I want.
  • If I eat the foods that are right for me I will not get fat.

Food is a Reflection of My Lifestyle

Now at 81 years of age, my family is raised, my grandchildren are grown and I have 10 great grandchildren. My wife and I are in good health and I am on no medications and take no food supplements. Life is good–God and I made it that way.

My Goal in Life

My purpose in life is to coax other people to be nice to themselves.
Food should be my servant, not my master. I love to eat and I have taught myself to enjoy the taste of basic foods. Basic foods are more delicious, to me than processed foods.

Healthy Eating is Cheap

Healthy eating is cheaper than eating the wrong foods and paying a terrible price in health and unhappiness. Food is only about %16 of the average families’ budget and the actual food in processed food is only about %11 of the supermarket price.

March Down the Road of Happiness With Me

Happiness is more than a state of mind. It is being able to be active within your own personal limits. It’s more than a state of mind. Happiness is being able to be active within your own personal limits. Happiness is being pain-free and knowing that you are a role model to other people–especially to the younger folk. They are just starting out in life and they will have role models–you and I are one, whether we like it or not.

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