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When Strong Men Reach Burnout

  We don’t see it coming on to us Burnout Can’t Happen to Me!. Burnout is caused by too many years of overwork and not enough rest. At the pinnacle of success the strong man smashes into burnout. This is

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Burnout and Allostatic Overload

What causes burnout and allostatic overload? An extended period with without enough recovery. The word allostatic an ancient Greek word that describes how our bodies and minds become exhausted from too long of a period of being stressed with insufficient

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Adrenal Fatigue From Lack Of Water

Adrenal fatigue can be caused by not having enough water in our system. Our body has many calls for water. Water is an essential element in life. Fighting Adrenal Fatigue By Understanding Your Water Needs I Have Learned the Benefits

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Our Personal Worlds are Filled With AngstOur Personal Worlds are Filled With Angst

Once we have seen the “News”, we can’t erase it from our brains–we can’t un-ring the bell. We can’t keep it from ringing–and we are the ones “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

Strength Training for Health and HappinessStrength Training for Health and Happiness

One of my goals is to coax people into looking after their health and happiness; with this on my mind, I went ahead and made a short video. I have read that older people CAN build muscles—even at 81-years of age.

Eating for Health and HappinessEating for Health and Happiness

I believe in Eating for Health and Happiness. It’s not something that you do, it is however a way of life. It is a great life and becomes more interesting when you think about what you are taking into your body.

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