Broccoli Health Benefits Facts And Preparation

Broccoli Health Benefits Facts And Preparation

Broccoli contains important vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. It provides a powerful source of Vitamins K, C and several B vitamins. Also, this healthy green vegetable provides potassium and folate. If you want fiber, look to this green vegetable for digestive health.

This cruciferous veggie even gives you needed trace elements and minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium.

Eat Broccoli For Stamina, A Strong Body And Good Health

To live a healthy and energetic life you need broccoli in your diet. This anti-aging food aids our immune system and helps our digestion. We need that to help us through our stressful days. It helps us run, drive a truck, or work our computer. Also, studies show it may help combat diabetes.

Broccoli is a fun food that I like to eat raw or lightly steamed .

broccoli is for digestive health


  • Select nice green broccoli. Wash it in vinegar and water; Dilute the vinegar 5/1. Soak for 5
    minutes and then rinse. You might leave a little vinegar in for flavor.
  • I like to use a heavy skillet with a tight lid. This is not critical; a heavy pot is nice to use.
  • Put a half cup of water in the pan, add the broccoli.
  • Put on high heat until steam comes pouring out.
  • Turn the heat down some, but keep the steam coming out.
  • This should not exceed a couple of minutes—4 to 5 at most.
  • Remove from heat and pour in cold water.
  • Cool it quickly so it doesn’t get soft.

Now It Is Ready To Eat

  • This makes a delicious snack.
  • It travels well.
  • Makes a nice addition to lunch.
  • And it provides many nutrients for a busy day.

Feed Your Body and Brain for Energy, Health and Happiness

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