The Doctors are Playing Games with Blood Pressure

The Doctors are Playing Games with Blood Pressure

Has My Blood Pressure changed, or just the method of measurement

Twenty Years Ago, My Blood Pressure Was Just Fine

The nice nurse measured my blood pressure and then she obediently wrote it down. I always try to stay one step of events in my life. I had previously monitored it with my Electronic Measuring device. She measured 10 points higher. I asked her why. She said “Just be on the safe side.” I asked the good doctor about this “Jumping-up” of the measurement. He nonchalantly said—said “Well your blood pressure is still OK.”

Now with Digital Blood Pressure Measuring Devices, Many of Us don’t Need Medicating.

  • This causes a problem; with the digital measurement the nurse has a positive number that is a “fact”. It is the official number that needs no interpretation.
  • I’m thinking this “fact” cuts into a lot of the profit base because it puts many people out of the need for blood pressure lowering drugs.

The Medical Profession and the Drug Companies Lowered the Threshold

  • They solved the profit-loss problem by lowering the threshold.
  • High blood pressure preciously was 140/90.
  • Now it begins at 130/80.
  • This puts 14% more people onto medications.
  • Now they want to medicate us at 120/80.

We are at Least Now Encouraged to Measure at Home

  • We can now do a professional job at this task all by ourselves.
  • We can avoid the “fudge factor” and the cost is minimal.
  • We also avoid the “White Coat Syndrome.
  • We can also measure at various times throughout the day.

Glory Be! We can now take responsibility for Our Blood Pressure! 

We can get an honest assessment of our blood pressure and see if we can find ways to keep from the nasty medications.


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