Trace Elements in our Food

trace elements in our food

Trace Elements in our Food can be achieved by eating energy dense foods and nutrient foods. Our bodies need minute amounts of iron, zinc, silver, magnesium . . . the endless march goes on. We must get these from our food. Perhaps we can find some of these as supplements, but I doubt it. Our best bet is to eat a wide variety of foods grown in good soil. We also need to be aware of destructing these essential elements with processing. This is why fresh vegetables and fruits are essential to our diet.

Trace Elements In Our Food!

Eat a wide variety of basic foods

Science Of Trace Elements In Our Food

The Cleveland Clinic Health Cookbook says that when you bite into raw broccoli you release a chemical combination that is important to your health. You need this mysterious balance of nutrients for your estimated 100 trillion cells.
Each cell is a little factory that that orders in raw materials and repairs itself. It must get these precious elements from the blood stream that nourishes them. It seems that we can select the best foods by eating the most colorful food. Black olives, red peppers, black coffee, green plants, red meat, and . . . the endless march proceeds. Good luck to you my friends.


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    Important points in this article that we should be aware about this trace in our food elemtns. This would surely be a huge help. Thanks for sharing this one out.

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