We Need More Nutritious Fats in Our Diet

We Need More Nutritious Fats in Our Diet

We Need More Good Fats in Our Diets and Less Starches

We eat too many starchy carbohydrates and not enough nutritious fats. This makes us hungry too often. The starches are too quickly digested and they put us into a placid mood. This puts us “down” and the sugars, that are unneeded by our bodies, go into fat storage.  Good fats take longer to digest and help build strong bodies.

Yes, we Need Nutritious Fats in Our Diets

Animal fat is nutritious

Bear fat was highly prized by early people

Does my body need fats? Yes, it does. Eating foods with fat is definitely part of a healthy diet. A healthy diet can include the foods you love. Eat less of foods that are low in nutrition and high in calories. The American Heart Association.

The Truth About Fats: Animal Fats and Good Plant Fats

  • Nutritious fats should be a big part of a good diet. We have been miss-lead for at least 50-years by our EXPERTS that we need more starches in our diets—and less fats.
  • Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Flaxseed Oil are the main plant oils that I eat. I avoid Canola Oil and all vegetable oils—especially Corn Oil … and, of course Soy oils of all kinds, it is said soy oils harm a man’s sex potential (I am 83-years old—don’t need more harm.).

Animal Fats for Health, Happiness, and Running Like an Old Fool

  • I consider animal fats to be the King of Fats. Animal fats are loaded with nutrients.
  • We’ve made a huge mistake. For 50-years we were, and still are, told that animal fats are bad.
  • We have lowered our fat consumption and increased our personal body fat. Something is wrong here!
  • Saturated fat can improve your liver health, improve your immunity and increase your testosterone levels.

Bad, and the Ugly—Trans Fats and Starches

  1. Learn what the bad fats are and how to avoid them. The real enemy is Trans Fats; they are added for taste and shelf life. They have been officially ben banned in the United States—but I suspect they are still in many or our processed foods.
  2. The best we can do is avoid processed foods—and eat lots of probiotics to help detox our bodies.
  3. I avoid all foods labeled fat free, low fat and reduced fat. They can be too deceiving and devious; I find the labels too vague for my humble mind.

We Are Over-dependent on Simple Carbohydrates

We have too many starches and not enough nutritious fats in our diet.

For over 50-years our Government has encouraged us to eat Cereal Seeds instead of Animal Fats.

Animal fat Nutrient

This powerful beast didn’t eat much fat

Now! We Need to Rethink Our Diets and Decide What’s Best for Each Us

We need Fats in Our Diets for Health and Vigor

Happy Hunting Lads and Lasses—the World Awaits Strong Minds and Healthy Bodies

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