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Why we need Iodine in our diets

Iodine Why we need Iodine in our diets The old coal miner taught me to respect iodine. My grandfather taught my daddy and he taught me that iodine is needed to prevent thyroid problems; and to build strong bodies and

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Eat Zucchinis for Health, Happiness and Longevity

The lowly zucchini will help build and maintain a healthy body and mind. This nutrient-packed health food should not be neglected.

Natural foods for strong bodiesAn Old Time Breakfast

An Old Time Breakfast of Bacon Eggs, Sauerkraut and Cheese. For health and vitality, eat a strong breakfast. No waffles, pancakes or manufactured foods here. To be a hero in this life you must eat like one. No “sweetened fruit juices”

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Liver and Onions are a Power Food for Active PeopleLiver and Onions are a Power Food for Active People

Liver is a power-house of nutrition. Beef liver is low in Sodium and is a good source of Iron, Zinc

FOOD PRESERVATIVES KILL HEALTHY PROBIOTICSRemove the Food Preservatives that Kill the Probiotics in Your Gut

Food preservatives are needed to help get fresh produce from around the world to our table, but these can cause us digestive problems–like diarrhea.

HEALTHY RUGGED BREAKFAST FOR RUGGED PEOPLEHealthy Rugged Breakfast for Rugged People

A Healthy Rugged Breakfast is important for Rugged People. I need to provide my body with a hearty start to prepare to work hard and keep my strength. Meet the Day With Power and Stamina The day is long and

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