An Old Time Breakfast

Natural foods for strong bodies

An Old Time Breakfast of Bacon Eggs, Sauerkraut and Cheese. For health and vitality, eat a strong breakfast. No waffles, pancakes or manufactured foods here. To be a hero in this life you must eat like one. No “sweetened fruit juices” or pretend food allowed here.

A Delightful Breakfast of Bacon and Eggs

A hearty breakfast that will carry through the day

A hearty breakfast that will carry through the day

My electrified frying pan is my favorite for frying bacon, it keeps a constant heat, and has no hot spots. I can put it outside to avoid family criticism; that’s where me and my cooking belong anyway. I make huge amounts that is like “feeding the troops.” My bacon will keep in the refrigerator for a week and makes nice finger food for this old fool. Delicious snacks throughout the day. And it travels well.

Directions for Cooking Bacon and Eggs

Bacon can be fried in water for more enjoyment

Bacon can be fried in water for more enjoyment

  • Place a pound of thick sliced bacon in the skillet.
  • Dump in a cup of water.
  • Place skillet on high until steaming, then turn it down to medium.
  • Turn it over after it starts cooking–and every few minutes.
  • When the water is boiled out, turn it down to about 250
  • Now is the time to be careful. This takes constant attention.
  • I like my bacon only half rendered out–never crisp. Suit yourself.
  • Remove the bacon and place on a paper towel that is on some new paper.

Bacon and Eggs is a High Energy breakfast

Bacon can be fried in water for more enjoyment

One cup of water to a pound of bacon

I expend lots of energy, and I ate most of the pound of bacon for breakfast—my wife’s cat would like to have had some but it didn’t  “git none—he, he.haw.”

This bacon for my old time breakfast came from Doyle’s meat market in East Palestine, Ohio. This home-style bacon is basic and is not processed as much as the main brands. It doesn’t  have all the refinements.

bacon fried in water

Place the heat on high until the steam comes


Bacon, Eggs, Cheese and Sauerkraut for Breakfast

I find that bacon, eggs, sauerkraut, and cheese  can be a delightful breakfast for me. They digest well and the grease doesn’t cause me problems.

First, I must remember to drink no liquids within ½ hour before eating—actually none. Now I must not consume liquids until at least one hour after eating. This avoids diluting my stomach acids and letting the greases float up to the sphincter valve on the top of my “gizzard” where it will cause heartburn and unhappiness.

The stomach coats itself with a heavy mucus that protects itself from the harsh acids that are necessary to digest the meat. Liquids and antacids interfere with this  happy process.

 Some Foods Don’t Combine Well

Bacon Should Be Flexible And Not Burned

Bacon Should Be Flexible And Not Burned

Bread does not combine well for me, with meat; therefore “No bread with bacon and eggs.”


Good cheese will make the breakfast into a fine meal

I disagree with my government’s licensed nutritionists about fat making people fat. Fat does not make us fat—carbohydrates make us fat—cereal grains in bread do that. My daddy told me, my daddy was right.

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