Why we need Iodine in our diets


Why we need Iodine in our diets

The old coal miner taught me to respect iodine.

My grandfather taught my daddy and he taught me that iodine is needed to prevent thyroid problems; and to build strong bodies and bones. This initiative began in the 1920s to prevent iodine deficiency and associated health problems such as goiter.

Iodine rich foods can prevent many diseases.

We came from the ocean that is the source of iodine. The little fish eat plankton, and obtain lots of iodine; the bigger fish eat the little fish and obtain iodine. For millions of years we got iodine from fish and sources near the ocean. Now we are in danger of not getting enough iodine.

The Christian religion promotes the eating of fish on Friday

As mankind moved away from the ocean and didn’t get enough iodine the church worked to encourage that fish be included in their diet. As we moved further inland we forgot about the importance of eating fish; in today’s world we need to rethink our food intake and include more iodine rich food.

Some important sources of iodine: shell fish, crops raised near the ocean … and our local health food store.


We can’t get our iodine from farm raised fish and shrimp.

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