Our Personal Worlds are Filled With Angst

Our Personal Worlds are Filled With Angst

Our Personal Worlds are Filled With Angst. The news and media have bombarded us with so much. Their goal is to shock, alert and sadly mislead at times therefore we cringe.

The News We See May Not Really Be Newsworthy



We have allowed the “News Media Industry” to fill our personal worlds with fears. Even an unspoken dread, of this present moment. We watch in awe and, even horror, as we are bombarded with the world’s worst moments. They throw it in our faces, day by day, hour by hour. If I stand in line at the bank, or walk through the airport I can’t avoid it. Makes me want to scream. I am sure there is more people like me that feel the same way. I also question the truthfulness of some stories therefore the TV is off more than it is on in my house.

News Equals Contrived-Sensationalism

This “NEWS” is happening thousand times over in the population of 6 billion people. It’s impossible to see every news story, so a few of the most gory ones are hammered at us. How in the “HELL” can we expect our young one (Old ones like me too.) to maintain a healthy attitude when we poison their minds with this barrage of money-making content. Negative stories contribute to negative attitudes.

Young Minds Need Time and Space to Mature

Mature minds need “Reality” to meet the day, and to meet the people in their lives. We do not need to be overburdened with the “Selected Horror Stories” that cause us to fear at the next “knock on our door. The problems of the world are evident. It’s not wrong to be sympathetic to other countries, but we have our own problems. Let’s take care of the people in our own household before we try to take care of others.

Critical Thinking Will Not Solve This Problem

Once we have seen the “News”, we can’t erase it from our brains, we can’t un-ring the bell. We can’t keep it from ringing and we are the ones “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

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