When Strong Men Reach Burnout


We don’t see it coming on to us

Burnout Can’t Happen to Me!.

Burnout is caused by too many years of overwork and not enough rest.

At the pinnacle of success the strong man smashes into burnout. This is a common occurrence but it is always a surprise to him.


After many years of hard work and over taxing his mind and body to reach high levels of success the strong man grinds to a halt. No one tells him that he reached burnout, and he will deny that he has limitations. But some thickening around the waist, and perhaps too many hours in the saddle takes its toll; his family can tell him but he will not see the bear coming through the brush until it is upon him.

He has now reached middle age and his midlife crisis.

If he is fortunate he might survive an almost certain heart attack and still have his family and business intact. If reality sinks into his consciousness he can survive to enjoy his years of work.

Now we talk about prevention and recovery. 

The best remedy is prevention: make a schedule for yourself,and stick to it. just as a football player or horse trainer does. You can’t expect to work yourself seven days a week for long periods of time. And you must feed yourself on a good schedule. Select your foods carefully–just like a racehorse owner does for his horse.

Make the world go your way

Now is the time and moment to look around and say “This is the world that I made. I will make my future into the best part of life. I have the world where I want it and I can make every day happen for the best for me and my people.


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