Adrenal Fatigue From Lack Of Water

Adrenal fatigue can be caused by not having enough water in our system. Our body has many calls for water. Water is an essential element in life.

Fighting Adrenal Fatigue By Understanding Your Water Needs

I Have Learned the Benefits of Drinking Plenty of Water.

adrenal fatigue from lack of water

I have worked hard, ran hard and traveled many miles through this world. Because of this, I have experienced difficulties that would kill many people and horses. Many times I have bounced when I have fallen, and I have trudged on when others have wilted. My strength has made it so that I have climbed mountains, ran in the deserts and swam waters. Enough said.

A Tired Body Is a Thirsty Body

I recognized lately that I was expending too much energy and getting tired.

This is because I have not been drinking enough water.

  • I realized that my tiredness was simply that I was overworking my 82-year-old body.
  • My diet is good. And nothing needs changed there, although I might be overeating of my wonderful home cooked foods.
  • I was putting out too much mental (emotional) effort, so I must relax and let things happen one step at the time.
  • Take a deep breath—or 10—and relax my body and mind. This little trick does nice things for my mind and body.
  • I decided that I should listen to my brain and body. Therefore, if I am tired—I should rest. If my brain tells me I am disoriented—I should Pay attention and get myself re-oriented.
  • My mindset and ego needed an adjustment. I now realize that my big problems are that I need to relax a little and, get more sleep, more downtime, take a deep breath, relax my body, and smile.

The Pituitary Gland Helps the Body Call for Water

The pituitary gland— often referred to as the Master Gland—a pea-sized little guy that sits behind the eyes and tells the adrenals what to produce.

  • This wonderful little gland tells the brain the body needs more water or the body is too hot, too cold and the march goes on.
  • The brain gets the message. And it gives instructions for the body to get more water.
  • like the Adrenal Glands give instructions for me to drink

Adrenal Fatigue Might be Part of the Problem

How to recognize adrenal fatigue:

  • Tired, weak, sleep problems, fatigue, feeling physically stressed, depressed—and a basket full of other unpleasant physical symptoms.
  • Adrenal fatigue is not recognized by the medical profession. While adrenal fatigue is not accepted by most doctors, adrenal insufficiency is real medical condition that is accepted by the medical profession.

Not Enough Water Can Cause Arthritis

All joints, moving parts of the bod, are cushioned by little sacks of fluid called bursa which are filled with water and lubricants.

One of the many suspected causes of good-old arthritis is not enough water in our bodies. I think insufficient water causes more of our problems than all the medicines in this world can cure. Water is cheap and available, and I don’t think we need exotic filtered water. We got along through millions of years with drinking the water that we found. Because of this, I learned to drink through my teeth to filter out the bugs and debris.

Plain Water is All We Need

Plain water is better!

I am of the conviction that the body wants water, not fruit juice, beer, pop, coffee, tea or other concoction—just plain old tap water is fine with me. Now I have been drinking tap water for 82-years and haven’t been to the doctor a half-dozen times in my life. Meanwhile, I don’t have an ache or pain and—no damned arthritis. There was a time when I drank whiskey and had an unnatural thirst. Even then, I drank lots of water—plain old tap water.

Dehydration reminds me of a man who told the doctor; “I don’t like water.” The doctor said; “If you keep hitting your finger with a hammer and come to me to fix you, all I can do is give you pain killer. It would be better if you quit hitting your finger. Damn it, Drink more water!”

Drink More Water for Health, Vitality and Happiness

  • As I travel more miles down the road of life I find that water solves many of my problems. I find that plain old water is always a good beginning—for any problems I might have.


Why Your Brain Needs Water Joshua Gowin Ph. D. Of all the tricks I’ve learned for keeping my mind sharp, from getting enough sleep to doing crossword puzzles, staying hydrated may be the one I follow most closely, partly because it’s so easy to get a drink whenever I’m thirsty. This is a convenience to be grateful for.

Water Does Not Always Need to be Clean

Training through the Jungles left us Marines drinking whatever water we could find. We were fortunate to have Chlorinated Water tablets to put in our canteens of muddy water. That served us well—we had lots of water. We were also instructed to add a little Clorox or any type of household bleach to do the same job.

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