Probiotics for Health

Probiotics For Health

Probiotics for Health hold a great deal of importance.

Feed Bacteria In Your Gut With Probiotics For Health

To keep ourselves healthy we need to pay attention to the needs of our digestive track. This runs from our lips to our anus.

The busy little denizens in our gut process our food get harmed by our eating habits and the very food that we eat. They need some attention.


Preservatives are put into our processed food to delay spoilage. This kills bacteria. All is well and good but I have trillions of friendly bacteria. Also, they live in my large intestine and work to digest my food. They too, get harmed.

  • We help keep them healthy by adding some basic raw foods to our diet.
  • Additionally, we add to their population by eating some yogurt, kimchee, raw sauerkraut, kefir or other fermented food. However, be careful to select “live culture” yogurt.
  • Also, be careful with pickled foods as the bacteria get “killed”. This destroys live cultures that you are searching for. Also, they may be super-preserved. In this case, they kill more of the bacteria that keep us healthy.
  • The supermarkets and health food stores carry a product called “Probiotics”. This product includes billions of bacteria but they are basically all of one kind, usually acidophilus.
  • Now we need to talk about “prebiotics”. These are raw foods and most certainly have a good supply of supply of “bacteria for the gut’. That bacteria assists you in being a happy camper.
  • Many people, especially a good many long-distance-runners, try to eat at least 80% of their food as raw food. They refer to it as “live” food. As a matter of fact, heating and processing destroys the basic elements that they want in their diet.

Eat Better Starting Now

An easy and enjoyable way to begin this eating plan is to do it one step at the time. Keep adding raw food to your diet until you have eliminated that which you want out of your diet.

Bolthouse Farms Inc. I found a decent supply house for a nutrient dense greens drink, both inexpensive and delicious. This drink includes a good many of the trace elements that we are missing in our daily diet. No coloring’s, flavorings or preservatives. The price that I paid was $6.00 for 52 ounces. That is a two week supply for me at the price of one pack of good cigarettes.

It surprised me that many of the local super markets carry it. Giant Eagle is one.

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