Making A Healthy Produce Broth

Making a Healthy Produce Broth

Making a healthy produce broth is fun and easy. Change it up however you want.

produce broth is healthy for this old goat

Healthy Eating

Making a Healthy Produce Broth

When you find yourself with leftover produce that you really don’t want to throw out—don’t.

This stuff can be saved and turned into healthy medicine to combat the damage that processing does to your food. Also, you can supply healthy nutrients to your body any time.

Furthermore, make it for a healthy drink or a delicious additive to your daily cooking.

Here’s How To Make The Broth

  • Collect the bits and pieces (scraps) of produce. I mean potato peelings, beet tops, carrot cutoffs, cabbage trimmings, onion skins, old dried-up garlic—yes, all the throwaway junk that you normally put in the trash can.
  • Wash this produce in a solution of one-half cup of vinegar to a quart of water. This will cleanse and also help neutralize a lot of the pesticides and the various preservatives that are used to help get the stuff to your table.
  • Cut everything into manageable sizes and put into your freezer—this will provide the convenience of collecting all your bits and pieces over time.
  • And while you are on the scavenger hunt, go to the garden and look for more bits and pieces.  A lot of stuff like bell peppers or collard greens with bad spots can be resurrected. God only resurrected one and let it go at that. He won’t mind if you do practice more often.
  • When you can find the spare time do so, get it out of the freezer and put the whole mess into a big pot and add your favorite seasonings. Oh! I forgot to mention hot peppers.
  • Be sure to have a pot that is big enough so that you can add a gallon of water.
  • Simmer the whole mess for at least an hour then throw it out and save the water.

Ways To Use Your Broth

This will make a savory and nutritious broth that can make many dishes a pleasure. It will keep for weeks in the refrigerator. Place the extra into freezer bags—or whatever you use—and freeze.

Use your imagination and use this broth when boiling potatoes, par-boiling chicken or any place where you need some water. If you have selected your favorite seasonings, this broth will make for much happy camping.

Prosit! A toast to your health as well as mine!


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