The Ocean Called Me
The Ocean Called Me

The Ocean Called Me

The ocean is peaceful or it can be strong and violent. It reaches out to many people who enjoy visiting. This is a fun little poem I wrote about the way I feel about the sea.

The Ocean Called Me

I went to the ocean today

It calls me, I don’t know why

I never hear it call my name

But I awaken from my sleep

To see the waves and hear the surf

And I wonder why


Some folks say that long ago

My ancestors crawled from the primordial stew

And walked about…

Out from the mess

That was left

By the birth of Mother Earth


Did some space traveling “essence of life”

Land here amid the primordial stew

And survive

Did it find a friend?

Amid the hostile environment


It must have been a long journey … from somewhere

… to somewhere else.


Did some space bandit ride in

On his frigid steed

At nearly the speed of light


With no atmosphere to slow his flight

Plunge into the ugly mess

What kind of traveler would that be?

Surely he would not leave home willingly


What strange thoughts to ponder

Time being so vast … with no beginning … and no end


Maybe in the crevices of my serpent brain

Deeply secreted from science

There is still remnant … echoes of the past


That interplanetary traveler … of long ago

Is not so long ago … as it is to me


Did the slime dry under the relentless sun?

A billion years ago

Or did the tectonic plates shift about

Did a bigger space chunk cause havoc


Eventually man stood … and strutted about


And cast a wary eye

At the sky

And he said “I am the end result

Of all that came before


And he wondered … what will come after

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