Healthy Trace Elements

Healthy Trace Elements

Healthy trace elements are important for overall body health. They come in small amounts but still carry great importance. You obtain trace elements from natural resources like fruits, vegetables and meats. You can even collect a little silver by eating from a silver spoon.

Healthy Trace Elements

Trace elements are tiny little things we eat

Like iodine, salt, cobalt and magnesium

They come riding in on brightly colored berries

Black olives, red beets, grapes, celery, red-meat and fish

The amount can be small, like the silver

That you obtain by licking the silver spoon

With which you eat…with

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables—especially raw ones

Can help assure that we get a good supply

One hundred trillion cells make up my body

Each one is a tiny factory

With three to five million events

Taking place at any one time

Messengers come and go

And supplies enter and exit

As they communicate in their salty sea

Trace elements are critical in this mix

All are needed to manufacture the chemicals

That keeps the heart beating steadily

And the brain functioning

And the eyes seeing

The body will pool these little guys

And combine them as needed

You needn’t be concerned with quantity

The needs and variety are too complex

For conscious thought

But the cells and brain will send

Messengers to the briar patch

To shop for these


If you will only listen

And pay attention

And don’t pig-out on non-essentials

At the expense

Of what is being sought.


A good read: The Cleveland Clinic Healthy Lifestyle Guide and Cookbook

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