Flax Seed For Health

Flax Seed For Health

Flax seed benefits include fiber, omega-3’s and lignans (phytochemicals). Also, flax seed helps with heart health and circulatory system support.

Eat Flax Seed for Health

The flax seed is often overlooked
In our quest for healthy eating
Don’t ignore this delightful little seed

Smaller than a grain of rice
Loaded with things that you need
This powerful source of omega 3s

To aid in the prevention of cancer
And has other phytochemical compounds
That will help to keep you healthy

Sprinkled on the morning toast
Or into a small amount of water
Onto your salad or any place you please
They won’t overpower the other food

A tablespoon full or two each day
Will help insure that you get
Your nutrients each in a nice way

Please don’t delay, do it today

Can be added to baked goods or chewed raw
Cooked like an interesting porridge
With its nutty flavor and cheap price

Flax seed oil is at the health food store

But it is rather expensive for my taste
A pint will feed me about a month

And costs as much as four packs of cigarettes
A pound of flax seeds costs a buck or two

At my favorite bulk food store
A fifteen dollar coffee grinder
From my local grocery

Does a nice job
In ten to twenty seconds

A food processor will do the job

In no time flat
Depending upon your tastes
And where you’re putting them at

Grind them into pieces
Lest they pass through

And do you no good

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