Red Beets Healthy Active People

Red Beets Healthy Active People

Eat Red Beets healthy active people. They give strength and keep you going.

Red Beets Healthy

Healthy red beets should not be overlooked as a delightful and healthy and tasty food. They are loaded with iron and many of the trace elements that we so desperately need in diets. If you are lucky enough to find them with the tops still on, the tops make a healthy salad or can be used as a cooked green.

Red beets can be a favorite delight of body builders and other physically active people. As a matter of fact, even running nuts like me can benefit from this super food. They are a good source of healthy carbohydrates that are quick for the body to assimilate. yes they can be used right now by the body.

Roasted Beets

They are readily available and easy to prepare. As a matter of fact, eat them raw or add them to a salad. I like to roast (bake) them. Do this in the big oven or in a little convection oven. Also, if you are pressed for time do this in the microwaved.

  • Wash them and trim off the ends. The closer you cut to the beet, the more they will want to bleed out. Try to leave some stem and some root end on the beet. I find that leaving the skin on helps too. Discard these extra pieces after you bake them. Also, do this even as you eat them, if you don’t mind the mess.
  • Cut them into nice pieces, if they are beyond bite size. As you can imagine, if they are large, like two or three inches, they take longer to cook. Cutting them into quarters works quite well.
  • I like to coat them with olive oil and nothing else. Please use your imagination and season with salt, pepper or your favorite seasonings.
  • Now place them into a pan and bake until almost soft. This takes about 20 minutes, if they aren’t too big.
  • To use the microwave place them into a pan, add a half cup of water and cover. Zap them on high for two minutes. Now let them steam themselves for ten minutes. I don’t like microwaving but sometimes we must hurry.

Red beets are available in many forms in the local food market. You can buy them canned or pickled but I am sure we all understand that the processed ones will have lost some of their quality.

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