Parasitic Tension Taxis Your Strength and Reduces Your Abilities


Parasitic tension taxis your strength and reduces your abilities in everyday life.

Keep The Computer Monitor At The Horizon Level

Keep The Computer Monitor At The Horizon Level

To have Bodies of Steel, We Must Have Minds of Steel. There are two kinds of parasitic tension, avoid both.

The First Parasitic Tension is Muscle Fatigue

Relaxing is easy

Tension, tension, tension

  1. One is tension in the muscles that want to move body parts. This tension is caused by muscle imbalance and the resulting fatigue. Positioning your head a little too far forward to better see the screen, or book, is one cause that is becoming too common.
  2. Correct this by maintaining good body posture.
  3. Be in a constant state of relaxation. Your large muscles are only intended to move your body parts–they are not designed for holding you out of balance.
  4. A U.S. Marine can stand at attention for 5-hours without fatigue. The Military Attention Stance is relaxed, no muscle groups are working. In this stance the little strands of muscles within the major muscles are controlling your posture. They are keeping your head toward heaven, and your feet toward hell. As your body deviates from the “gravity-neutral position, these slippery little strands of muscle gently return

  The Second Parasitic Tension is Mental Fatigue

This cause of parasitic tension  is tension in your mind that is Fight of Flight. This parasitic Tension uses muscle power without moving body parts. It is wasted energy, it tires the muscles and can cause major headaches.

  • In today’s world we usually can’t Run or Fight; we must stay and work things out.
  • Much of this problem can be avoided if we reason things through and keep a positive attitude, and do come critical thinking.
  • Some of the remedy might be to ignore the source, this is not a good idea.
  • Sometimes we might decide that “I am the problem, I will amend my methods.”
  • Sometimes we should do as my Daddy said, “Take the bull by the tail and face the situation.” This may be unpleasant.

We Can’t Always Cut-and-run

We can’t Always Duke it Out

  • Too often we resort to comfort foods–like a cop eating a doughnut. We need to understand the added calories, but it doesn’t solve the problem.
  • Exercise is another solution, often the best one.
  • One exercise is to tighten major muscles then relax them.
  • Another is to go into a quiet place and jump up and down.
  • After WWII, an Air Force Sergeant developed the a good program for at-desk tension relieving exercises. I don’t remember his name right now, but he simply tightened and relaxed major muscles.

To Have Bodies of Steel, We Must Have Minds of Steel

Today’s World Demands That We Be Strong and Pliable

Strong and Resilient

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