Clint Eastwood-Beautiful Faces-Healthy Bodies-Longevity

Clint Eastwood-Beautiful Faces-Healthy Bodies-Longevity

Clint Eastwood has always been a conspicuously healthy person

At 88-years, Clint Eastwood is heading toward 100 with a healthy body. We are not all like Clint Eastwood: 6’4” and 190 pounds –with a body of steel. You and I can march through life making the best of the body we have been handed.

Gentle Exercises for Strong Healthy Bodies

Yes, this is about you and me. If we are office workers, teachers, police officers, truck drivers; or just ordinary folks. We want to have a long life and healthy body, we must make the best of the body we have.

Gentle Exercising Cost Nothing—it Takes a Little Effort

Maintaining your body is free; but you must dedicate yourself to a lifelong habit of self-discipline and loving your own body. Just put out a little consistent effort every day. We don’t need a gym or expensive clothing of equipment, and it is free.

I will point out some exercises that can be done while sitting on the couch, walking or talking on the phone. Most of these exercises can be done if you are handicapped. As shown by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

A Beautiful, Healthy Face Needs Daily Attention
These Exercises are the Beginning of Restructuring Your Face

There are at least 43 muscles in our face. Forget about the face lifts, eye lid surgery and get rid of the hound dog look. Tone up your face muscles and let your beauty shine out—without expensive lotions and beauty-treatments.

Tone Your Face Muscles

Yes, we need to exercise our face muscles. This article will work on your face which has dozens of muscles. Some muscles hold our eyelids open, some keep our mouth closed—so the flies don’t in. If the lips don’t stay closed the sylva will seep out and run down your dress.

  1. Gentle Wild man chewing: Just relax your face and let the jaw drop. Now make 10 circles with your chin. These should be small relaxed circles. They can be bigger as the days go by. Now reverse and do 10 in the other direction. As the days and weeks go by these can be made larger and more vigorously. I do 30 to 50. Suit yourself.
  2. Gentle Tongue Exercises You Tongue exercises. Stick out your tongue, as far as it will go. Now pull it back in. Do 10 of these, and now relax. Do 10 or 20 of these. I do 30 to 50. Suit yourself.
  3. Gentle Kissing a Duck: Pretend you are kissing a duck; then smile from ear to ear. Kiss the duck 10 times. Do 20 if you like. I do 30 to 50. Suit yourself.
  4. Open your mouth as wide as you think is appropriate for you, close it gently. Do it 10 to 20 times. I do 30 to 50. Suit yourself.

This is the Beginning of a Lifetime of Work on a Beautiful Face

I have many more of these exercises to help maintain a nice face. A healthy face, cheeks, neck and jaw-line make a pretty face.

Still Making Movies @ 88

Clint is still making movies at 88 years old. Here is a trailer of his latest move called “The Mule”.

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