Eating For Healthy Skin

Eating For Healthy Skin

I believe in eating for healthy skin. Your skin is a body organ in itself. You need to feed it to keep it healthy and clean. Drink plenty of water and eat good healthy whole foods.

Eating For Healthy Skin

Eating for healthy skin

Nice complexion and a pretty face

Pimples, rashes and acne

Plain simple foods will do the trick


Your complexion bespeaks

Of what the inside of you is doing

If your face looks unhappy

Unseen parts of you

Are not happy campers too


Perhaps your diet needs attention

Go easy on dairy products

Milk may give you acne

It’s full of cow hormones


Avoid “natural flavorings”

They may even include monosodium glutamate

“Natural flavorings” has the potential

To aggravate skin conditions

Ranging from sun damage

To sagging


Eat basic foods and avoid additives

Raw when available

Greens are my favorite

And go easy on fruit

Its high in sugar


That which digests quickly

Will cause a spike in sugar

And then a collapse

And leave you tired


A good read: Feed Your Face. By Jessica Wu, M.D.


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