Our Bodies Need Water

Our Bodies Need Water

We must understand that our bodies need water. This is vital to our survival.

Our Bodies Need Water

Our bodies operate on water—plain unadulterated water. Over one hundred trillion cells must have water to live. Our two hundred trillion probiotics too, must have a continuing supply of water or they will die.

Cows, horses and dogs may drink from mud puddles when need be. What’s more, they don’t mind that the water isn’t perfectly clean. Our ancestors probably did too. If you can’t get perfect water any potable water will do.

Sipping may be a wise thing to do throughout the day. The stomach can better handle impurities in small amounts. Not huge amounts at one setting. Too much at one time may overload the process. A cup full sounds good. However, one size does not fit all.

Drink Water Between Meals

Ideally it is best to drink our water between meals. As a matter of fact, a half hour before eating is a good time to drink. Also, sip grudgingly during a meal, being careful not to dilute the natural processes

Furthermore, put enough water in the system to prepare to process the food, and not make it float around in the stomach. This causes unpleasant problems.

I can think of no benefit to include a lot of water with a meal.

Don’t Try To Outsmart Your Brain

Some think it better to fool the brain into thinking that the stomach is full when it is bloated with water. Surely the brain is not that stupid. Also, you’ll still be hungry as soon as the water is dumped out by the body.

Watch your urine and keep it a pale yellow the color of straw. If your mouth is dry you have waited too long between drinks of water. Some experts say that nothing else but water will do. Other ones say that any liquid is ok. My thinking is keep it simple and cheap. As with most things in life, natural is probably best. Our hundred trillion cells do recognize H2o as water and that’s probably their choice.

Additionally, be gentle with yourself. There are many experts that come and go and they have too many conflicting ideas.

Plain old water is a good drink. Each of us must figure out for ourselves what to drink and when to drink it.

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