Abs Of Steel What Are They

Abs Of Steel What Are They

Do we truly understand abs of steel?

Abs of Steel

Abs of steel, these things of beauty.

Are easy to obtain.

And we each have the wherewithal,

Even with a placid job, young or old,

Infirm or Incarcerated.


A few minutes while sitting or working,

Lying in bed or standing in line,

Doing dishes or at the dinner table,

Watching TV or having a cup of tea.


The solar plexus –a marvelous thing,

The center of the body and mind.

All energy flows from here,

And it reaches the brain and bowels.


Form a habit of doing for yourself

That which no one else can do for you.

A couple of minutes each time,

And it won’t hurt, even a little bit.


Pull the navel gently in

And smile as you release it.

Do this twenty to one-hundred times.

In a day or two you will feel the muscles,

And they will be happy.


Now lift the navel gently toward the chest,

Gently lower it again.

And do it again.

Repeat as many times as you like.


Move it toward the left.

And then to the right.

Twenty to one hundred times.

Smile to yourself.


Be kind to yourself.

Get more rigorous as you proceed.

Life is long, keep it fun.

Do for yourself,

What no one else,

Can do for you.

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