Dowager’s Hump is Not Inevitable

Dowager's Hump Is Not Inevitable

Dowager’s Hump is not inevitable. It can be easily corrected!

If you think Dowager’s Hump is forever, think again.

Dowager’s Hump is avoidable. You see, the dread of kyphosis need not cause you worry and anxiety because posture can be corrected at any age. You can go through life pain free if you keep a good head posture.

Dowager’s Hump avoided with proper work posture and eye aligning.

Keep The Computer Monitor At The Horizon Level

Why is posture important?

Only a neck with an ideal posture can remain vital and free from complaints in the long run.

A static load permanently bears on the skeleton.

  • If this weight bearing is constantly unbalanced and one-sided, postural defects are the consequence. Ongoing pressure on nerves and bloodstream leads to a whole series of dysfunctions.

This imbalance will cause compression on certain nerve roots.

  • The doctors are using cortisone on this problem. This does not address the cause. The answer is to keep your head and posture correct.

This nerve damage problem can send “pins and needles” to unrelated areas of the body.

Proper Posture

Look and work with your head lifted toward the horizon. Also, learn to relax your neck, shoulders, and jaw. There are many muscles that are connected to your skull. These muscles connect all the way to your feet. Their job is to keep your head and feet in line with the center of Mother Earth so that you can walk and run and fly an airplane.
The muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments and a host of blood vessel, glands, and accouterments run through your neck and they need a strong neck that is kept balanced and open.

The natural position for your head and eyes.

  • Looking toward the horizon is the natural position for our head and body, and that is the position that we should strive for.

Our work and our play stations are causing unhealthy head positions.

  • Check your head position when you are about your assigned tasks. Keep a mirror close so that you check that your head is perched proudly upright with your chin slightly tucked in. Also, there should be no tension and your eyes should be relaxed.


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